First Time Buyer's Guide - Leather Shoes

First Time Buyer's Guide - Leather Shoes

You may be a millennial considering buying your first pair of leather shoes, and while you may have heard many word of mouth recommendations from your elders or fashion forward friends about the benefits of leather shoes, there are alot of factors that you needs to take into consideration when buying a pair of shoes. This blog is to serve as an introduction to what you can expect from your pair of DeVogue shoes.

1: Leather last a lifetime. 

Most shoes in Pakistani market are made of Rexene (leatherite) or fabric. While these shoes look just like a leather shoe (or even better in some cases), they are designed to be disposable. No matter what brand you may choose, the show will not last you more than 1-2 seasons. 

Image 1: DeVogue Shoes after 4 year of usage.


A leather shoe on the other hand can last you a lifetime, while you may need to repair it after a few years but the upper will not tear/damaged even with most rough usage. This is the reason why it cost 10x more to a manufacturer to manufacture leather shoes and also the reason why leather shoes are sold for a higher price. You are paying for the quality and sustainability.

2: Leather Break-in period. 

Many people buying the leather shoes for the first time are in for a surprise when they find that their shoes are hard/uncomfortable compared to the shoes they have been wearing their whole life. While the uncomfortable feel may be due to sizing issue, and if that is the case you should always get your shoes replaced but if the sizing is correct you have to wear the leather shoes for a few weeks before they break-in.

The break-in period is the time that leather shoe takes to mold itself to the shape of your feet. An artificial leather/rexene shoe does not change its shape during its lifetime while a leather shoe changes its shape to mold itself to your feet. This is the reason why leather shoes take some time to become comfortable and when they do they are more comfortable than anything you have worn before. 

3: Leather sole vs Rubber Sole

Leather sole vs rubber sole is an age old debate and it verges on the rivalry of iOS vs Android and PS vs XBox in our view. DeVogue manufacturer's both leather sole and rubber sole shoes, hence we do not have a bias and we will not try to convince you about the superiority of one sole to another but as a consumer you should know what you are getting.

DeVogue Leather Sole Loafers
Image 2: Black Cow Leather Formal Loafer Style


Most people buying leather sole for the first time do not know what to expect. The first and foremost benefit of leather sole is its luxurious feel and look, every leather sole shoe sold by DeVogue is hand painted and hand finished, what that means is that every sole is a piece of art where an artisan leaves their signature on the art that they created. Secondly leather sole is breathable and absorbs moisture, so you never have to wear a sock when wearing a leather sole shoe. Thirdly leather sole molds to your feet shape after break-in period as discussed above. Hence if you are looking for a party wear shoe that will head turner, we suggest going with leather sole shoes.

Brown Soft Cow Leather Chukka boots
Image 3: Brown Soft Cow Leather Chukka boots


Rubber sole on the other hand is suited for some uses such as hiking boots, safety shoes, and places where shoes come in contact with water constantly. Rubber sole shoes are soft compared to leather sole shoes, they are waterproof. Hence if you are thinking of buying a boot, we would suggest going for a rubber sole shoe. 

4: Wrinkles

Leather shoes have thousand benefits when compared to other shoes but unfortunately they do have one pitfall, because leather is made from the skin of animals it wrinkles when its bend during usage. While using a high quality leather may reduce the chances of wrinkles and here at DeVogue we make sure that we use highest quality grain leather, there is always a possibility that leather shoes will wrinkle. So, if this is your first pair of leather shoes, do not worry at the first sign of wrinkles as that is they price of sustainability that we have to pay. 

5: Handmade

Every leather shoes produced by DeVogue is handmade. What this means is that every shoe is colored by a finishman, every extra thread is trimmed off, the sole is grinded smooth. What this means is that no two pairs are exactly the same, every pair that you buy is one of a kind and this means it is not a soulless excess produced by a faceless corporation but produced by a person who puts individual effort into making something special for you. 

6: Suede always gets marks when rubbed

Black Suede Cow Leather Chelsea boots
Image 4: Black Suede Cow Leather Chelsea boots


Suede is a leather with fuzzy, napped finish. This resembles velvet but while velvet is made from fabric, suede is type of leather and hence it is much stronger and last a lifetime. One disadvantage with suede is that if it is rubbed (specially in a shoe box) it forms marks on it. Someone buying suede for the first time not know but these marks can easily be removed if you clean the suede shoe with suede spray and a cloth. Never us polish with suede shoes and instead use suede spray instead. 


In the end, we welcome you to the fraternity of leather shoe owners and hope that we here at DeVogue will convince you to become a lifelong member of this fraternity with our highest quality footwear. If you have any questions or any comments do share it with us! 

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