What is Crazy Horse Leather?

DeVogue is know for its quality leather shoes. We use all sort of leather for shoe collection depending on the required look and functionality of the shoes but our top of the line product, Chelsea Shoes uses "Crazy Horse Leather", which is top of the line and most expensive leather in the market. Unfortunately not many people know about this sort of leather as almost all of it is exported and none of it is used in local products, it is for this reason this blog will be your introduction to this amazing material. 


Is it made from Horse Hide?

Contrary to popular belief, Crazy Horse Leather is not made from Horse hide, it is in fact made from cow hide and the name "horse" entered the lexicon because this leather is used extensively to make horse saddles. 

DeVogue Crazy Horse Leather


Crazy Horse Leather Vs Normal Leather

Crazy Horse Leather is classified as full grain leather, what this means is that only the hair is removed from the cow hide when making this leather. While for any other leather such as top grain leather or genuine leather a layer is removed from the top of the hide and it is buffed and sanded. It is for this reason Crazy Horse Leather is tougher and more durable than Normal Leather.

Another interesting property of Crazy Horse Leather is that it develops natural Patina with time, hence the older the shoe, the more premium it looks. 


The Crazy Horse Leather is more expensive than normal leather and because it has higher strength working on it is more difficult making the labor cost higher. 


Crazy horse leather is more strong and long lasting because it maintains its natural grain, it is for this reason it is also very breathable. But because this leather is good at absorbing oil, it is easier to get a stain with it.

Why does it look like there are scratches on it?

A feature of this leather is that it gives you rugged look, it is for this reason it may seem like the leather gets scratched easily but the reality is that its cosmetic and infact the leather is not damaged at all. The look is intentional and part of the appeal.


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